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Michael & the Rockness Monsters, a band whose electrifying performances and heartfelt music have earned them acclaim nationwide. Led by the charismatic Michael Napolitano, they deliver dynamic live shows filled with infectious energy and soul-stirring melodies. From coast to coast, their blend of humor, heart, and high-octane performance leaves audiences mesmerized, creating unforgettable experiences that transcend mere entertainment.

Michael & the Rockness Monsters are part of Rockness Music, an education and entertainment company that has served hundreds of schools and thousands of children. With seven imaginative albums to their name, Michael & the Rockness Monsters showcase their versatility and creativity both on stage and in the studio. Each album is a testament to their passion for storytelling, featuring catchy sing-along anthems and introspective ballads. Their music serves as a vehicle for uplifting messages, spreading positivity and bringing people together wherever they go.

Central to their mission is the desire to create community through musical collaboration with audience members. Whether through interactive performances or engaging workshops, Michael & the Rockness Monsters foster connections and inspire creativity among fans of all ages. In a world where live music has the power to uplift and inspire, they stand out as true ambassadors of joy and creativity, delighting audiences across the country and beyond.

Past & Upcoming Bookings Include: Lincoln Center, Levitt Pavilion Dayton OH, Symphony Space, Madison Square Park, Summerstage, Wolftrap, Please Touch Museum, The Jewish Museum, Lollapalooza, Levitt Pavilion Westport CT, The Highline, Rockwood Music Hall, State Theater of NJ, Liberty Science Center, Liberty State Park, 14th St. YMCA NYC, and to many festivals and private events to list

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Featured live in Paste Magazine Studios December 2019

PASTE Magazine

Michael and the band were featured on All Of It with Alison Stewart discussing the band, the music and the education of the young child through Michael’s music company Rockness Music.

All Of It with Allison Stewart - WNYC

Michael offers his take on children’s music education:

“The Best Way To Get Your Kids Into Music”

Michael Napolitano (Fatherly)

The band’s lead singer Michael Napolitano spoke to Kinderling Conversation about what he loves most about writing and performing music for kids, and what families can expect from the album.


Catch your favorite Michael & the Rockness Monster’s songs daily on Kid’s Place Live!

The Monster’s have been featured on the Absolutely Mindy Show, and Rocked in the New Year in 2019 with Kenny Curtis during the 2019 ‘Happy NOON Years Celebration’.



SiriusXM Kids Place Live

Stylistically, the ’70s permeates the album, taking cues from influential funk bands like Sly & the Family Stone, Parliament, and Funkadelic. The first track, Smile, dares us to have the audacity to share our happiness by shining our inner light through genuine, heartfelt smiles. Lyrically the band describes sharing joy as a radical act that is contagious. Should we all be so lucky to catch this contagion! This track is followed by Party Train (not to be mistaken with the Misery Bus), where everyone climbs aboard and dusts off their dancing shoes. By the end of the second track, the party train’s left the station and the festivities are in full swing. The listeners experience a feeling of joyous abandon and everyone is included.

Eat the Marshmallow

WOW! This [Funny Faces] has got to be the best kid-friendly CD I’ve heard in years! The songs are so well written, from goofy, to catchy, to insightful, and back to goofy! My boy just loved it, and so did I! In particular, the elevator song and Mr. Pickle are smash hits! The banter before and during the songs is just too funny! Well done guys!

Academics Choice Smart Media Award

Don’t miss out on an amazing album that will inspire and touch even the youngest of hearts. Reflect on your own life, dance your heart out, and spread positivity within your family through the strong messages and rhythms in the album, Funny Faces.

New York Family

Monster’s Ball is the third family-friendly release form award-winning band Michael & the Rockness Monsters. Lively, energetic, and perfect for celebrating children’s parties, Monster’s Ball is a rock-n-roll blast with an extra turn of humor, inspiring smiles from the young and the old alike!

Midwest Book Review



Radio Show: The show includes a fun conversation with Michael Napolitano of Michael & The Rockness Monsters on the recent release of their new long player, Monster’s Ball.  

Radio Cake - The Familiar Tomato (Morgan Taylor)

Songs from the Rockness Monsters tend to linger in your subconscious until you’re humming them without realizing it. In that regard, “Woodpecker” follows in the pattern of “Squirrel Fight.” Speaking of a Parisian vibe, “Mona Lisa” explains the body/mind connection between hearing music and engaging our bodies to move, dance, and smile mysteriously.

Geek Dad

The music is playful, the vocals strong, but it is the clever and often funny lyrics that so fully win children over.

Tillywig Award Winner

A marker in the evolution of an artist with a passion for inspiring the next generation of music lovers.

New York Family Magazine

Gentle with a spirit of wonder!


…fun, catchy, and has super fun lyrics for the entire family to enjoy.

Momma's Bacon

…album that mixes playfulness with an edge. Rock music and silly songs that make the butts in the front seat move to the same beat as the feet in the back seat.

Imagination Parade, WFDU

…has a friendly open voice, which is tonally reminiscent of Elvis Costello, with some of Randy Newman’s skillful delivery.

Parents Choice Foundation

“Music plays such an important role in children’s development,” says Elena Epstein, director of the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA). “[Funny Faces] provides a wonderful way for parents and kids to bond, sing and dance together. It will definitely bring a smile to your face.”

National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA)

A wacky collection of musical fun that revels in the joy of seeing the world through a child’s eyes, Michael & the Rockness Monsters is a wonderful pick for children from toddlers to middle grade schoolers, as well as the young-at-heart!

Midwest Book Review

…a lively album of original songs in pop, rock, calypso, and jazz musical styles. An enthusiastic children’s chorus joins in on most of the songs. Vocals and instrumental performances are strong…VERDICT This is a fun album that children will enjoy.

School Library Journal

So if you love all things silly and fun you might want to pick up Michael and the Rockness Monsters‘ self-titled debut album.

Michael Napolitano will present his award-winning rock concert experience, filled with silliness and a rock and roll backbeat.

Barista Family

From New Jersey’s favorite homegrown family rock band, Monster’s Ball is a party album rich with themes of celebration, inclusion, and accessibility, as should be the foundation for any good party.

Broadway World

Creative Child 2016 CD of the Year Award

Creative Child

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